What We Do

Elephant Rock Books is an imprint of the multimedia company Elephant Rock Productions. The company has been producing writing-related multimedia for many years. Think of us like Penguin Random House – minus the huge overhead, 60% market share, enormous backlist, and German overlords. We publish handsome books, quality fiction, and engrossing nonfiction that you won’t forget.

Jotham Burrello

Publisher Jotham Burrello is an arts entrepreneur—a writer, video producer,
book publisher, farm hand, New Yorker caption winner, creative writing professor
at Central Connecticut State University, and director of the Yale Writers’ Workshop. Jotham’s
writing has appeared in various literary journals and The Christian Science Monitor. He shares
what he knows about writing and publishing in ERB’s e-books: Writers’ e-Handbook and
The Craft. Spindle City, his debut novel, is due out July 2020 from Blackstone Publishing.




Amanda Hurley

Amanda Hurley is editor-at-large for ERB YA. Amanda was a bookslinger
and manager at Inkwood Books in Tampa for nine years, where she specialized
in children’s and YA literature. When her magical daughter Pearl was born
in April 2016, she took a temporary hiatus from bookselling – but not from books.
She’s got tattoos from The Book Thief and East of Eden, two of her favorite novels,
to remind her that life is hard and amazing, that people are worth it, and that stories
are superpowers. She currently lives in Tampa, FL.




Anne McPeak

Anne McPeak is our copyeditor/wordsmith, but ERB consumes just a sliver of
her talent. Anne has been the managing editor of the journal A Public Space and continues to be a
freelance editor with a special focus on literary projects. She has written about
books for The Literary Review, The Brooklyn Rail, and Words Without Borders.
She lives in Brooklyn.





Mollie Johanson

Graphic Designer Mollie Johanson’s dreams are of one million shades
of color. For over ten years, she has patiently listened to Jotham’s ramblings,
which she then translates into images to help brand ERB multimedia. She
designs all of our advertisements, all of our direct mailings, and some of our books.
God bless Mollie J.





Christopher Morris


Christopher Morris is our editorial assistant. The buck stops at Chris’s desk.
He edits our education book division and manages the Roar Reading Series.
Chris holds a B.A. in English and history from Eastern Connecticut State University and will be pursuing an M.F.A. at the University of Mississippi starting in the fall of 2019.





ERB Intern Hall of Fame

(May they all achieve greatness – and then buy us a drink.)
Kaylin Brennan, Brendan Buck, Ashley Nickell, Ben Kramer, Kallie Tenney, Jaime Wong, Sarah Longmore, Gabrielle Whaley, Tyler Margid, Margaret Czepiel, Julia Appicelli, Kathryn Fitzpatrick, and Chloe Spinnanger