A Positive Manifesto


A Positive Manifesto: How Appreciative Schools Can Transform Public Education 

By Leonard C. Burrello, Linda M. Beitz, and John L. Mann

“Powerful discussion on relational leadership. Every educator needs to read this book.” 
-Charlene Green, Former Associate Superintendent for Support Services, Las Vegas, NV

Since the 1980s, new perspectives have emerged representing nothing short of a revolution in how we affect change. All arrows point to a future view that has, at its core, life-centric purposes and positive, strengths-based theories and practices. Appreciative inquiry (AI) has contributed significantly to this positive change revolution in many professional realms and organizations, such as the United States armed services, the United Nations, and various Fortune 500 companies. A Positive Manifesto applies AI to public education through the authors’ appreciative organizing framework, giving public school leaders and stakeholders actionable pathways to take in creating schools that work for all.

Binding: Paper
ISBN: 9780996864909
Pages: 188
Price: $19.95

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