The Craft


The Craft: Essays On Writing From The Yale Writer’s Conference Faculty

Series Editor, Jotham Burrello

“The Craft is, flat-out, the coolest guide to the, well, the craft of writing that I’ve ever come across. It unfolds into a practical, laid-back companion for writers to lean on, offering not only great strategies, but counsel and sustenance as well.”Christopher Torockio, Eastern Connecticut State University


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The Craft is a new e-book series that provides writers the essential tools to sharpen their stories and essays. Volume I offers an exclusive glimpse into the Yale Writers’ Conference. Each craft essay was composed by a master teacher and is filled with expert advice and creative strategies to inspire writers.

The e-book form creates a layered web of instruction. Hyperlinks and linked-video expand the discussion about plot, voice, setting and the creative process. It’s an accessible and affordable resource for every writers’ digital library. Perfect for course adoption.


ISBN: 978-0-9895155-8-0
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Richard Selzer dissects his role as surgeon and poet standing over the operating table, in his essay The Exact Location of the Soul.


Marc Fitten unravels the creative process and shares some quirky facts about dolphins during unofficial office hours at a local bar in his essay Two Bourbons, One Scotch, One Beer.


John Crowley compiles (and copies) nuggets of advice from top writers throughout history in his essay Little Lessons from the Masters.


Kirsten Bakis provides a map for writers to both navigate and enrich plot in her essay A Map for the Journey.


Sybil Baker takes you into exile in a quest for fresh perspective on expat lit in her essay Making the Unfamiliar, Familiar.