So, Is It Done? Navigating The Revision Process

By Janet Burroway

“These DVDs will inspire you to write and submit and revise and submit and do it over and over again.”—The Writer



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Whether a writer is getting ready to send that story out for the first time or she’s filled that binder with rejection notes, chances are that the writer will want to think about revising the work before dropping it in the envelope. This DVD presents five rounds of revision and accompanying exercises that any prose writer can try alone or with a group or class.

    • Round 1: Tinker, Tighten, Play, Chip Away
    • Round 2: Take a Vacation (From the Work)
    • Round 3: Long Shot, Middle Shot, Close-Up
    • Round 4: Out in the World (Going Public)
    • Round 5: Polishing
  • Includes Story Anthology of Featured Writer’s Work

DVD, PDF Anthology, Exercises
Disks: 1
Runtime: 120 minutes
Price: $34.95

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Janet Burroway

Janet Burroway is the author of eight novels, including the Pulitzer Prize nominee The Buzzards; Raw Silk, a National Book Award runner-up; and Bridge of Sand. Her work includes a volume of poetry, numerous plays, an essay collection, and two children’s books. In addition, she coauthored Writing Fiction, the most widely used creative writing text in America. Her story “Blackout” won Third Place in Narrative’s Love Story Contest, and her story “White Space” won First Place in the Winter 2009 Contest. She is the Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor Emerita at Florida State University.