What’s Your Best One-Sentence Story?

ROARWere you a fan of story time in grade school, that pause in the day’s work to sit down with criss-crossed legs, your eyes closed as the teacher took the class on an imaginary adventure?

We try to re-create that magic each month, only instead of your first grade teacher, we bring in professional, published writers. And the stories tend to reach for a higher literary plane than did Jack and his beanstalk.

One way you can get involved is by entering our one-sentence story contest, where anyone can submit an original one-sentence story using a word that was handpicked during our previous reading. Those at the following reading will choose the winner. 

1. Write a one-sentence story using this month’s story word (found below) in the sentence.

2. Limit it to 40 words (very generous).

3. Post your one-sentence story in the box below.

4. Three finalists will be voted on by attendees of ERB’s Roar Reading Series on the first Monday of every month at the Uconn B&N Bookstore at 7PM. (You don’t need to attend to participate, but we’d love to see ya.)

5. Prize: a book from the ERB archive and an official contest winner’s certificate. Both will be mailed to the winner.

This month’s word(s): Chiffon 

                      Deadline: September 3, 2017 

                      Ready? Set? Write!


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